Planned route

Before the 1. of September 2016

I’ve tried planning the route as best I can with the knowledge that such a plan is just a guideline, a help or a goal so to speak.

Where another cyclist might cycle a steady amount of kilometers somewhat continuously – I like to leave my bike locked up for a while and travel around the country by public transportation, until it’s time to get back to my bike and continue the journey.

Actual route

After the 1. of September 2016

I’ve slowed the trip down considerably from the arrival date I planned on, but the route didn’t change all that much from the planned route. There was one thing I learn quite quickly though. I would rather cycle as direct way as possible to the next big city – lock up my bike, and then travel around the country – than having to only use my bike as transportation. I’ll still cycle all the way, but not 1000 kilometers in the opposite direction, just to get to Moscow is not for me.

I’ve made tiny 15-second video that sums up my trip so far, I’ll add on to it as I go’ along.

Enjoy.. Hopefully 😅

Next route

China, Pakistan, India and Nepal is next

I thought I would be in India around August, but at the moment it looks more like Oktober/December. I spent more time in both Ukraine and Russia than I planned – But Kyrgyzstan especially, mainly because I’m lazy, but also to avoid the absolutely insane amount of water the Kashmir region get during summer.

There are still plenty of challenges ahead even though winter is over, take just navigating through all the Chinese hieroglyphs China, the Himalayas, and the area Kashmir itself will be… Interesting – Not to mention traffic in India, which is said to be completely suicidal. 

I’ll figure it out as I go along.

When I’m on the move, you can track me through the link below.