This is a selection of some of the gear I have with me.

Bicycle: Surly Disc Trucker

I’ve done my best to kill this thing, but it just refuses to go down #surly❤

Pannier: Elite Convertible Pannier Backpack
Pannier: Elite Convertible Pannier Backpack

It’s sturdy with lots of compartments, and it works as a backpack as well as a bicycle pannier.

You’re supposed to keep all the straps in an extra bag the size of a small pillow, which is ridiculous when you trying to decide between bringing 3 or 4 t-shirt to save space, and then you have to have this fucking extra pillow bag. I threw the bag away and left the straps on, which actually works great.

It’s not waterproof like a lot of other panniers, but it’s water repellant and can take a good beating before you stuff gets wet. I still use an cover just to be safe.

The 2 black plastic clips you use to attach the panniers to your rear bike rack only fits very thin rear racks. So I strap them on with strips

Pannier: Elite Convertible Pannier Backpack

I bought this thing because I thought I would nip off the bags with my valuables in when going into gas stations, supermarkets and so on. But I didn’t think it through – It takes too bloody long, which is why I got the Daypack instead.

You won’t find any other bag that can do what this can, but I still wish Mr Richard Jones would make a Convertible Backpack 2.0.

Would I buy it again? 

Well.. They’ve grown on me. The fact that you can assemble it into one big bag has proven invaluable. The thought of having to carry around a bigger daypack plus 3 Ortlieb bags doesn’t seem feasible.

So yes, I probably would. But I wish it had less dangle bits and a came with a fitted rain cover.

Daypack: Eagle Creek ASAP Pack
Daypack: Eagle Creek ASAP Pack

The perfect little daypack that can store surprisingly many things. Laptop, DSLR camera, GoPro, a little food, money, passport.. Simply every important gadget and piece of paper.

It has a couple of straps on the back that makes it possible to mount on a couple of bicycle armrests.

I wish the small pouch inside would have a zipper, so little bits wouldn’t fall out.

I would have been great if the inside would have been just a bit better padded and divided.

It’s definitely not waterproof.

Daypack: Eagle Creek ASAP Pack

I bought this because the Richard Jones Convertible Backpack didn’t work in practice as I thought, so I needed something small to easily get on and off the bicycle.

I spend a while trying to find one that could easily be mounted on my armrests, and this did.

Would I buy it again? 

If I had to start all over, I would probably buy 3 panniers and a bigger Daypack that could be mounted on the side of the bicycle instead. A Daypack with better padding, divided rooms and better weather protection, but for the get up I have now, it’s perfect.

Tent: Vaude Taurus 2P
Sleeping bag: Marmot Lithium
Sleeping bag liner: StS Premium Cotton Travel Liner
Mattress: Exped Synmat 7 M
Pillow: StS Aeros Premium Pillow
Moms tracker: Spot 3 Satellite GPS
Jacket: 7Mesh Revelation Jacket
Cloth: Arcteryx Mens Atom LT Vest
T-Shirt: Icebreaker = Wool ❤︎
Underwear: Icebreaker = More wool ❤︎❤︎
Boot: Shimano XM9 Bicycle boot
Sunglasses: Julbo Vermont Glacier Sunglasses

When you see me either cycling or posing with these I’m only trying to look cool because they are an absolute deathtrap to wear on the bike.

Lights: LumeCube
Laptop: MacBook Pro Retina, 13-inch
Phone: iPhone 5 SE
Camera: GoPro 5
Camera: GoPro 5 Session
Camera: Pentax K3 Special Edition
Tripod: Mefoto Backpacker Titanium


Timelapse kit: Syrp Ginie Mini
Tiny guitar: Jamstik+

My procrastinator trophy – Still have learned to play the guitar.


This stuff I either, lost, broke, threw away or sent home.

Dynamo: Son Deluxe

Broke the first day on the bike… Seriously, it broke the 1st of September 2016.

Bicycle Mirror


Power: Arc 20W Solar Charger Kit

12 hours in the sun gives you enough power for your phone to go “pliiing” and then the battery is dead.

Don’t buy this.

Daypack: StS Ultra-Sil™ Dry Day

Smart, good idea – But sucks to wear if you have more than 5 kilos of stuff in it.

Camera: GoPro Hero 4Black

Bought for the trip, broke after 3 months.

Bicycle Shoes: Specialized Road Shoes

Cycling in winter with these = goodbye feet.

Drone: GDU Bird Advanced
Cooking: X-Set 11

Lost in a train in a Kazakhstan.

Cooking: Jet Boiler

Lost in Kyrgyzstan, left at a hostel by mistake. A gift from my brother, so this was actually sad.

Other stuff I’ve lost.