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Brake failure on the way down the Himalayas

For some reason, 5 - 6 hours earlier I had imagined what would happen if my brakes stopped working, what would you do in a situation like that - what could you do? Imagining the rickshaw with me in it taking the leap off a cliff just hanging in the air for a few seconds, with my mind racing to fire out as many "Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!" shit's as it can before finally tumbling down the side of the mountain like you see in big Hollywood movies, only without the fiery explosion at the end.

Trekking to Everest Basecamp in a fat suit

After month of trying to put together a decent looking web-shop for the blog – it felt like my body had aged a 100 years from the cycling shape I had spent a year and a half building up only 5 month earlier – my back hurt like hell and everytime I climbed more than 5 sets of stairs it felt like I was wearing a fat suit.

Ear shattering kilometers driven so far.
Mechanical problems
Times ''Check engine light'' has turned on so far
Days since I quit and left my home in Denmark
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Day 388: Pakistan… Never a dull minute!

I didn't imagine they were following me around because they liked they liked the smell of my farts, but because there is an actual security risk, and especially for a white blond European cycling on hardware expensive enough to keep a family or a certain cause going for a good while longer.

Day 76: A never ending stream of events.

“All this shit has to stop soon, or the post will get too damn long” – That’s what I thought about 3 days ago. When I left Kharkiv 9 days ago

Total amount of ninja deaths stars hitting my wheels
Ass destroying kilometers ridden in total.
Days cycling to Goa, India...
...from Copenhagen, Denmark
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  • Day 179 - 184:

    Cycling through my first mountain range and out of Uzbekistan

  • Day 169 - 178

    Day 169 – 178: Uzbekistan – Worst road… so far.

  • Day 156 - 164

    Kazakhstani migration police in Aktau

I don’t upload to often, but when I do I try to make it interesting…

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