Day 236: “When I say – GO! You go. When I say – SIT! You sit – OK?”

For once, being lazy and indecisive is going to pay off. Last time I went traveling was 12 years ago in Australia, there were only 2 things I wanted to

Day 204: There are only 2 routes from China to India.

In my last blog, I wrote:”and the fact that I in my mind now already have made it to India was pure euphoria.” – This was me high on optimism

Day 182: So it finally happened.. After more than 7000 kilometers.

So it finally happened.. After racing through my now 7th country Uzbekistan, not even waiting to spend time in the oldest city in Central Asia, Samarkand because of the quickly closing expiration

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After 7000 kilometers - It happened twice the same day!
Ass destroying kilometers ridden so far.
Days since I quit it all and got on the bicycle.




I practice making video logs from the trip because it's fun to create something, and it'll be great to have something to laugh at when I'm old and wrinkly.


The newest vlog will always be on the front page of the website, but you can already find almost 1 hour and a ½ of me freezing my nuts off if you follow this link to my channel.

  • Day 132 - 147

    Winter bathing in Kazakhstan is also COLD!

  • Day 126 - 132

    Kazakhstan is COLD!

  • Day 121 - 124

    Leaving Europe after 4 month on the bike -Part 2

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