14.000 kilometers on a bicycle.

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Like most travel blogs, this one is about a semi lazy guy (me) who finally did what a lot of people dream of, but only a handful succeed to do. I quit my job, sold my apartment and began a long ass bike trip from Denmark to India. I’ve tried planning my trip as best I can, but it’s hard to plan something this big that you’ve never tried before, combined with my often “last minute” approach, and somewhat lack of fear, which often equals extreme, foolish and/or funny stories. So if you want to get inspired, or just want to laugh at my attempt to get about 14.000 kilometers from Denmark to India, then scroll on.

This is my attempt at making a video log too show what it's like going through Europe and Asia. on a bicycle.

Why make vlogs?

Recording everything is necessary, it can be fun, but mostly feels stupid and is a giant pain in the ass. It’s necessary because it forces me to go out and do “stuff” – It forces me to find something worth recording. This little black bastard is like a nagging girlfriend complaining I’ve been laying on the couch for too long, it’s like a shitty friend daring me to do something stupid. Being the procrastinator that I am, I always try to find new ways to trick my body into action – and the camera is a good way to do exactly that.

But the balance between recording and experiencing can be difficult, at least for some people. Recording to have something to look back on, something to show your friends and the rest of the world is understandable – But when you start seeing the world through your shitty little telephone screen, there’s no longer balance in what you’re doing, and you’re instead missing out on what’s going on in front of you.

I try not to be stupid, but instead look at what I'm trying record, not at what’s being recorded. It’s a pain in the ass at the moment mainly because of the damn cold – Every time I stop to try and take a picture or record a video my nuts shrivel up into raisins. So hopefully the quality of the videos will improve along with the temperature. And it can be fun, because of it gets me into situations I normally wouldn’t be in – Kinda like when I get a bit too brave after too much Jameson


Planned and actual route

From Denmark, through Russia and China with India as the final destination.


What I brought with me

Backpack, camera, cloths and all the stuff I managed to cram onto the bike.



Get a quick glimps of the trip through a bunch of photos.

After 7000 kilometers - It happened twice... In the same day!
Ass destroying kilometers ridden so far.
Days since I quit it all and got on the bicycle.
And some wine.. And whiskey and.. What were we talking about?

Updated 18th of April 2017

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